StingRay Aimer
Focus on the target, not the display.

The StingRay aimer brings Heads-Up Barcode Scanning to your light-industrial and enterprise workflows, delivering a durable, dedicated, handheld scanning experience on a personal device.


What is StingRay?

StingRay™ is a patent-pending, attachable, mobile device module that projects an aiming pattern onto a barcode, providing faster and more efficient scanning.

Bundled with the modular uniVERSE case system from OtterBox, a leader in mobile-world protection, StingRay delivers a durable, purpose-built barcode scanning experience. 

StingRay is powered by the robust scanning engine from Manatee Works, making fast, accurate Heads-Up Barcode Scanning™ effortless and affordable.

Currently supporting Apple® iPhone® 6, 6+, 6s, 6s+

Why StingRay?

Scanning Engine

Scanning Engine

StingRay utilizes the Manatee Works Barcode Scanner SDK as its simple, affordable, accurate, and fast barcode scanning engine for mobile automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) applications.

The Aimer Plugin for the Barcode Scanner SDK enables greater scanner engine efficiency and performance with features like Heads-Up Barcode Scanning, triggering, delayed scanning, and more.

We Scan Barcodes.

uniVERSE Case System

uniVERSE Case System

With endless posibilities and protection, the world's first OtterBox modular case system provides dynamic, uninterrupted mobile device packaging.

Every case and module, including StingRay, is tested through the OtterBox Certified Drop+ Protection program, giving you confidence that the uniVERSE case system meets rigorous protection standards.

One Case. Endless Possibilities

Best of Breed

Best of Breed

Manatee Works and its partners have built a flexible, “best of breed” solution to meet the demanding workflow needs of decision makers.

The Manatee Works Barcode Scanner SDK and Plugins, such as AAMVA parsing, integrate seamlessly with workflow platforms such as iFormBuilder, testing tools such as TestFairy, and device protection from OtterBox and Cognex Corporation.

Your Everyday Solutions At Hand.



Focus on the target,

not the display.


StingRay for OtterBox uniVERSE

Install Video


Aimer Plugin for StingRay - Download Demo!


Aimer Plugin for StingRay - Capture!

How Do I Try StingRay?


Download our app


Start your barcode-scanning demonstration with the FREE Manatee Works iPhone App, "Barcode Scanners"!


Scan Barcodes


Discover the power of Manatee Works barcode scanning. Our portfolio of symbologies will empower your demonstration.


Equip your iPhone


Grab an OtterBox uniVERSE case and StingRay. You are one step closer to joining a barcode-scanning revolution!


Experience StingRay


Barcode Scanners in StingRay Aimer Mode provides faster, more efficient scanning. Now integrate it into your app.

How do I attach StingRay?

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Step 1

Insert Lens Window Mount inside uniVERSE case (flat side up) before phone

page image
Step 2

Position StingRay Mounting Clip into top of uniVERSE case

page image
Step 3

Drop-in and position StingRay onto uniVERSE case

page image
Step 4

Slide StingRay away from camera lens to lock

How do I Integrate StingRay?

How does it work? - col 2
Step 1

Join the Developer Network

The Manatee Works Developer Network provides access to a wide variety of Manatee Works barcode scanning resources, benefits, and support, including plans and pricing, integration guides, white papers, infographics, news, blogs, and more.

How does it work? - col 3
Step 2

Get the Scanner Engine

Download the StingRay Developer Kit to implement Heads-Up Barcode Scanning! Included is our sample application using native source code for iPhone that integrates the Manatee Works Barcode Scanner SDK and the Aimer Plugin.

How does it work? - col 1
Step 3

Purchase a Case and StringRay

Increase user efficiency and productivity with this simple solution. Along with OtterBox protection, StingRay offers two editions (with a powered version arriving soon!), so there's a StingRay in your price range and environmental requirements.

Interested in Adopting StingRay?

We’re looking for innovative iPhone application software developers to implement our new and exciting technology! Our smartphone barcode scanning paradigm shift allows developers to tune their applications for features and functionality, instead of barcode aiming and focusing. Because StingRay results in less scanner interaction for users, they can stay focused on running the application and performing their job functions, saving time and money.


Let us help you prepare your apps for this shift, giving them and your business a competitive advantage. As a Manatee Works StingRay Early Adopter (SEA), you'll be entitled to the following benefits:



If leading the trend and building your apps "Made for StingRay" early is of interest, and you would like to receive further information, please fill out the SEA application:



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